About us

GOwalksportugal was born in 2012, by the hands of Sara Cruz - born and raised in Coimbra - with the intention of promoting Portuguese Heritage.

Despite the economic situation of the country at that time, and with difficulties in obtaining a contract in its area of knowledge due to the lack of job opportunities in Portugal, Sara Cruz - at the time 26 years old and graduated since 2008 in Tourism, Leisure and Heritage by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra - decided to risk investing all her savings to open a company in the area of Tourism Animation, which would allow her to do what she liked best: make the city known to its visitors.

In the first three years of work GOwalksportugal developed several thematic routes in Coimbra, always with the dream of seeing the people who visited this city stay here longer. These are the routes you can find today on 'COIMBRA WALKS'!

Partnerships with several local businesses were also created to complement this offer, which could still offer our customers several advantages! These are businesses we love - for their history, stories, and people involved - and that we frequent as locals! You can consult this information in 'PARTNERS'.

At the time of GOwalksportugal's five years of existence, in May 2017, it was decided to acquire a 7-seat car that allowed complementing existing services, meeting requests from people with reduced mobility, taking the company and employees to tourism fairs and meetings, and - finally - extend the offer of guided tours throughout the Central Region of Portugal!

This way half-day visits were created with itineraries running within a 50km radius of Coimbra, which can be consulted at 'COIMBRA WALKS'. But the Centro Region is so complete and there are so many other places that we could not miss out on our itineraries... so we have also developed itineraries for full day guided tours that can be consulted in 'TOURS FROM COIMBRA'!

As there are so many other places to know and experiences to live in the Center of Portugal, we also offer visits and experiences tailored to our clients which we call 'TAILORED TOURS'! These services allow us to meet what our customers like best, the time they have or even the budget available ... to ensure that they do not lose anything that there is to live and know in this region!

Precisely in order to provide a more personalized service to our clients, always thinking about promoting the Portuguese Heritage, we opened a space (inaugurated in February 2018) in the main pedestrian street of the Downtown of Coimbra! We decided to call it 'SÍTIO DO PATRIMÓNIO' (meaning Site of Heritage): it is not a store, it is not an office ... it is our site! Here you can get information about what is traditionally Portuguese; know what to do and visit in the Region; book our guided tours and services; buy tickets for various experiences, shows and workshops; acquire a souvenir 100% MADE IN PORTUGAL; print and book airline/train/bus tickets; pack products in vacuum for easy transportation... or simply store luggage while visiting the city!

We don’t want you to lose anything at all! And we want to continue working harder and better to welcome you in our country and provide you unforgettable moments, guided by locals who are knowledgeable and passionate about their local history and culture!