Rua da Sota, nr. 44-48 | 00351 910 718 182

The name PASSEITE comes from 'azeite da familia Passos'. The owners, Gui and Marije fell in love with the olive oil production and took over the small family farm near Condeixa. Marije is an olive oil sommelier and Gui comes from a family being in the restaurant business for all their lives.
Since they know the quality of the Portuguese olive oils they decided to dedicate their business to promote this industry, opening a small restaurant showing how olive oil makes a difference on your plate. Not in a Michelin star kind of way but in a warm and cosy tavern using local and mostly organic food. There is no butter in their kitchen, proving that with olive oil you can make almost everything taste delicious! With their small team they offer seasonal menus and have over 20 different kinds of olive oils from small producers from all over Portugal. They are vegan and vegetarian friendly.


Rua Dr. Manuel Rodrigues nr. 39 | 00351 239 093 723

DUX TABERNA URBANA is a restaurant that intends to enchant the spirit of the true urban taverns, and although it has in common with these historical spaces of the city the variety of snacks and wines, it assumes its own identity!
Here you can taste the most varied traditional Portuguese snacks, such as fried cod or a delicious woodpecker and also creative snacks such as 'farinheira' (traditional sausage) with caramelized pear, mushrooms with sausage and egg and the 'vazia' (beef) with sauce of 'Serra da Estrela' cheese. Like any good tavern, this place has a wine list with dozens of references, which mirrors well the variety and quality of Portuguese wines, allowing you to choose wine by glass in order to better harmonize with the snacks.


Adro de Cima, Loja 1 | 00351 961 805 506

CANTINHO DA MARISOL opened by the hands of an architect and interior designer, who in giving pottery classes to children with disabilities realized that she could also provide experiences of art therapy to the local population.
In the course of these experiences came the idea of opening a space with its own name in the historic area of the city! Here Marisol works the pieces live and informs the people that visit her of the art of clay as therapeutic art, and the heritage importance of the ceramics of Coimbra. Do not miss a visit to this unique space in downtown Coimbra... and take a souvenir with you!


Rua Dr. Fernandes Tomás, nr. 45/49 | 00351 934 093 636

FANGAS MERCEARIA & BAR is located in the heart of the Historical Center of Coimbra, and it’s a place where we may share relaxing moments and delight ourselves with the delicious homemade sangria, a careful selection of wines, preserves and national sausages, tasty toasts and snacks and other unmissable savoury and sweets, including vegetarian options.
Along with visits to monuments and centuries-old streets, here you will find Portuguese flavours in light meals that you can enjoy in the afternoon or evening!


Rua Ferreira Borges, nr. 211 & 129 | 00351 239 821 617

Located in one of the entrances of excellence for the Historic Center of Coimbra, in Largo da Portagem next to the emblematic statue of 'Mata Frades', PASTELARIA BRIOSA is one of the oldest and most prestigious of the city, and has been offering traditional products since 1955!
Here you can find a selection of regional conventual sweets, as well as enjoy a soup, snack or just a natural juice. This space, completely refurbished in the winter of 2017, also has a pleasant terrace where you can stop for a while and contemplate the charm of the city... and if you want to take a sweet memory home you can also visit 'Briosinha', a small space of memorabilia and take-away located on the main pedestrian street of the city.